Unlock Your Unique Brand Proposition For Unlimited Success

A Conversation with Rafael Romis, The Unicorn Whisperer
One of the most underrated components to selling online is as simple a unique value proposition! But what does that really mean and how do you come up with one? Everone seems to think that they are unique and different and honestly as far as people are concerned you are, the question is how do you make your brand new or unique and more importantly, how do you find that inner ninja, or as Rafael likes to call it that Unicorn.

I read this quote recently,

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn, then be a Unicorn!

I loved it because I am BIG on being your own unique self, and when I talked to the Unicorn Whisperer himself I started to really tap into this with him. I will admit that this was a difficult interview for me at first because we both overlap in our service offers slightly, however, Rafael unleashed his unicorn as he started to talk about Unique Value Propositions and it was a really fun and educational podcast that should not be missed.


Links from the Cast:
Website: Leading expert in marketing, strategy and business development
LinkedIn: Rafael Romis
Twitter: @RafaelRomis

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