20 Experts in eCommerce and Retail You Need to Follow

20 Top eCommerce, Marketing Content Producers to follow

So once in a while, I go through my feeds, review the people in my favorites lists on Twitter and generally like to review what content is out there that I, a contentaholic, enjoy consuming. These are 20 I have shortlisted for you.

I consider these people a must if you are in the eCommerce or Retail space. That said, this list certainly spans outside of that box because, well, I am not one for conventional boxes.

The List (Reverse order from the cast, because all are created equal):

Kaleigh Moore
Freelance writer for eCommerce and SaaS brands.
Show link: How To Create Value Packed Content That Your Customer Actually Wants
Site Link:

Steve Dennis
The reinvention of retail in the age of digital disruption
Show Link: How to Amplify Customer Experience, Create Scarcity and Be Remarkable

Giles Thomas
Show Link: 5 Rock Solid Steps to Increased Profits and Conversion Optimization
Site Blog:

Jasmine Glasheen
Writer. Generational Marketer. Speaker & Journalist.
Show Link: Easily Understand Millennials and Start Increasing Retail Profits
Site Link:

Bob Phibbs
The Retail Doc!
Show Link: Technology’s Impact On Retail, Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
Site Blog:

Nichole Reyhle
Author of Retail 101, and founder of
Show Link: Technology’s Impact On Retail, Today, Tomorrow And Beyond

Phil Forbes
A Beard sporting content writer and marketer for ShopLo, Star Wars and Dinosaur nut, all out great guy living in Poland with a sexy Aussie accent!
Show: Achieve Amazingly Real Success With These Awesome Multi-Channel Strategies Today
Site Blog:

Bryan Eisenberg
Keynote Speaker New York Times Best Selling Author and co-founder of Buyer Legends
How to use Customer Centricity to Dominate Retail
Show Link: How To Use Customer Centricity To Dominate Retail
Site Link:
*BOOK – Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It

Lianna Patch
Founder of Punchline Conversion Copywriting & Copy Director at Snap Copy
The Copy Comic on Using Humor To Write Copy That Converts
Site Blog:

Greg Mercer
CEO & Founder of
Proven eCommerce Strategies & Tools: Start These Today See Results Tomorrow
Site Blog:

Phil Winkle
5x Magento Certified, 2x Magento Master. Co-host @magetalk,@commercefuture.
Podcast Link:
A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce

Brian Lange
Director, West Coast @somethingdigitl, co-host of @commercefuture
Podcast Link:
A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce

Drew Sanocki
Nerds out on marketing and customer data at
Site Link:

Andrew Youderian
eCommerce entrepreneur, blogger & podcaster. Founder of @ecommercefuel, a private community for high six and seven figure store owners.
Site Link:

Ahna Hendrix
CEO @ARCH_Digital. Yogi. Traveler. Compulsive reader. Foodie…
Site Blog:

Ari Zoldan
CEO Quantum Media | Regular on FOX CNN CNBC covering tech & media, Contributor for

Marsha Collier
Author 48 books: Social Media, eCommerce, eBay, Customer Service. Forbes Top 10 Futurist, Founder #CustServ, #techradio podcast, marketing whisperer.
#TechRadio Link:

Brian Massey
The Founder and Conversion Scientist
Brians Content:

Shep Hyken
Customer Service Speaker and Bestselling Author
Site Link:

Bryan Kramer
Insights and thoughts about why being human is our competitive advantage.

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