5 Rock Solid Steps to Increased Profits and Conversion Optimization

A Conversation with Giles Thomas, Founder of AcquireConvert

We had a little audio difficulty on today’s show, but, if you can put that aside this show is quick and will rock your world with knowledge from the king of conversions himself, Giles Thomas. Founder of AcquireConvert, the place where eCommerce entrepreneurs & businesses go to learn how to increase conversions & profits. Also the founder of eCommerce growth agency Whole Design Studios and head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad Accelerator & Google Marketing Expert. Giles brings his 5 step process to life as we discuss conversion optimization in the REAL WORLD of eCommerce!

Show Quotes and Notes:
“The thing to focus on isn’t really the conversion rate itself, its profits!”

“The point is not to move an arbitrary number in the business, the point is to make more profit.”

“You don’t just want to make more revenue, you want to make more profit.”

“Customer understanding, this is at the basis of the methodologies we use internally.”

“This is the key to a lot of peoples optimization problems, is this value proposition.”

5 point approach to conversion optimization:
1. Customer Understanding
2. Make sure your tracking is set up properly.
3. Understanding what the business looks like now
4. Collecting Data from the site
5. Launch and watch your bank account

“Today, you’ve already learned about a really rock solid process that we use to improve the conversion rates of hundreds of e-commerce stores… actually go out and do it!

Website: AquireConvert
Twitter: @acquireconvert

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