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A Conversation with Phil Forbes, A Beard sporting content writer and marketer for ShopLo, Star Wars and Dinosaur nut, all out great guy living in Poland with a sexy Aussie accent!

This was one of the most enjoyable conversations I have had in a long time. Down to earth and REAL discussions about eCommerce multi-channel and all things in between. A bit of fun and a lot of knowledge packed into this cast! We talk about Amazon, Ebay, Etsy & DaWanda which is right for you, how to cast a larger net and reach more clients as well as specific tactics and strategies to deploy within the marketplace and multi-channel arena.

Don’t care about multi-channel, skip 36:12 to hear Phil’s Words of Wisdom, it took me by surprise!

Show Quotes:
“A multi-channel approach in eCommerce is essentially being n more places … that means your exposed to more buyers.”

“If you cast a bigger net you catch more fish.”

“Ultimately it leads to more sales, … more brand recognition, and its a really important part to building a reputable brand.”

“If you want to start a brand with that kind of arsenal a multi-channel approach is a good way to do it.”

“You cannot and you do not own the sale”

“When someone buys from you in any marketplace,… its not your sale, its the marketplaces sale, its your responsibility to fulfill that order.”

“Packaging is on par with the product and that is all part of the user experience.”

“As a small brand social proof is gold for you.”

ShopLo: Multi-Channel Selling
Twitter: @philbilly86

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