AI Will Cure Cancer & Stop The Retail Apocalypse

A Conversation with Andrew Busby, Founder & CEO at Retail Reflections

Artificial Intelligence is an insanely powerful weapon in the fight against cancer and the retail apocalypse. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming commonplace in our lives and if used correctly as we discuss on today’s podcast could have some of the most profound discoveries and advancements across all industry.

Listen today to hear some of the insights from Andrew Busby, friend and fellow IBM Futurist as we discuss his views of how unstructured data (Over 80% of the world’s data) holds the keys to revolutionary industrial change through the utilization of AI.

Show Quotes:

“Once a retailer always a retailer.”

“Artificial Intelligence is doing to disrupt … Without it, you won’t survive.”

“Only 20% of the world’s data is visible by traditional analytics.”

“That unstructured data we share with the world, if put together over time, shares the details of our lives.”

“Without AI that’s invisible (unstructured data).”

“What if we had a world where people were not only listening to it (unstructured data) but were able to interpret it, able to use it to far better personalize, and by that I mean, in context and engaging… not intrusive and used it to add value to our lives.”

“I think its an incredibly exciting time.”

“Yes there is that fear of the use of data… but I think once people see real value being delivered to them then their fear of that will disappear.”

“We now measure data is zettabytes.”

“It would take 152 million years for a human to watch 1 zettabyte of data in high definition video… That’s the amount of data that is now being produced.”

“So your not going to be able to capture that and spot trends in normal computing techniques.”

“In retail and commerce, consumers expectations are increasing exponentially and way-way beyond most retailers ability to deliver against them.”

“Does it mean that consumer expectation is driving a level of service that will, in turn, drive many retailers out of business?”

“Those retailers that are thinking about that now… and have AI on their radar and strategy in place are the ones that will thrive and grow.”

“It can all sound doom and gloom, and its easy to scaremonger and that sorts, but its really an incredibly exciting time.”

Links from the Cast:
LinkedIn: Andrew Busby
Website: Retail Writing & Keynote Speaking
Twitter: @andrewbusby

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