Applying Military Precision To Seize National Publicity And Billionaire Investors

A conversation with Jeff Alpaugh, Founder and CEO of

Ever wonder how to get on the Shark Tank, or Canada’s version The Dragons Den?

How about actually landing a deal, and not only a deal, but a good deal with the Shark or Dragon of YOUR choosing! Today’s guest did just this, and tells you exactly how from start to finish! This week I had the privilege of bringing Jeff Alpaugh, our very first podcast guest, back on the show to tell us all about securing both eCommerce Legend Michele Romanow and the stylish veteran of capital markets Michael Wekerle a perfect blend of eCommerce and Dangerous!

Way to go Jeff!

Show Quotes:

You don’t need to know absolutely everything.

Its good to have a really good vision.

The important thing was that we had something out there and we were getting it going.

Like everything in life, there is what they say, then there is the subtext.

You want to train harder than you fight.

At the end of the day, the dragons or really any venture capitalist, they actually want to be sold. They want to agree with you, invest and make money with you.

Our entire business is built on social media and videos.

I’m a big fan of eCommerce and bricks and mortar, I think if you do this properly they can supplement themselves really well.

I know a lot of people want to do just eCommerce. I like to attack on both fronts.
– Jeff Alpaugh

Watch a metric tonne of the show, especially the season previous to the one you’re going on.

Practice your 60-second pitch in such a way that you can say it cold.

A bulletproof guide to landing a deal with a dragon from the worlds most dangerous guest!

It’s important to know, what is your lane, then get the enablers to help you multiply what it is you do that brings value to your business.

Life is only a series of moments, you don’t remember time in a linear line.


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Website: Home of the World’s Most Dangerous Dress Shirt
Twitter: @JAlpaughCustom
Facebook: Jeff Alpaugh Custom on Facebook

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