AR and VR are they really important in eCommerce

A Conversation with Neil Singh

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been on peoples minds for years. Taking a solid hold on the gaming industry over the past years many retailers and eCommerce plays are looking for ways to bring this technology to the forefront of the shopping experience. Are we there yet, will we get there soon, how will it be implemented? These are the questions we talk about with Neil Singh in today’s podcast dedicated to the joining of Virtual Reality with eCommerce. Exciting times and exciting forecasts are discussed, I only wish we could have brought these insights to all our listeners a little sooner.

Enjoy the insights on AR, VR, and eCommerce today.

Show Quotes:

What I discovered in my research was all the behavioral elements that lead to how a person makes the decision to engage purchase or consume in a virtual environment.

Close to 30% of gamers spent up to 30 hours per week inside of that 3D environment.

On average people spend about 3hours per day using social media.

That is a significant portion of time that people invest in digital engagement and digital activities.

If they are spending 40 – 50 hours on both different platforms that means that a lot of their consumption is connected to that digital environment.

In the past decade, digital consumption has taken over from more traditional bricks and mortar.

AR and VR are stepping into the next level of digital consumption.

The next challenge for a lot of companies is how do we migrate that experience that we’ve become used to with eCommerce into augmented or virtual reality environments.

Why would we overhaul our existing eCommerce environments our existing eCommerce systems and pay for building new infrastructure using specifically AR and VR.

My perspective on this is a more reasonable expectation is to actually do it the other way around, a more reasonable expectation is to enable the use of augmented or virtual reality into existing eCommerce infrastructure.

AR and VR should be used to deliver a richer brand or product experience to the consumer.

You want to create AR or VR solutions that fit into the business model of creating convenience for the customer.

Connect, engage and communicate.

Customer communities fit into AR and VR and the idea of eCommerce because they focus on more qualitative engagement with customers and create stronger brand-customer relationships.

Timing is everything, the world is ready to embrace the technologies that are coming.

The biggest question for the industry now is how do we bring, big data, communications, hardware devices and create the experiences to influence cultural change and consumer behavior.

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