Awesomely Epic Conversation on AI, Mobile & Marketing Technologies

A Conversation with Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology for Venture Beat (Journalist/Analyst/Speaker)

On a “sliding scale between Awesome and Epic” this one shatters the scale. Stewart talks to us about everything from marketing technologies, to his thoughts on the adoption of agile methodologies within marketing teams to how this is the year of Artificial Intelligence.

If you’re looking for real insights in relation to Marketing Technologies and Artificial Intelligence go to the source, Stewart Rogers from Venture Beat and that’s what we did!

A Conversation with Stewart Rogers, Quotes from the cast

91% of people agree (ages 25-44) that the smart phone is within arms reach 24/7

On average an adult wakes up and starts checking social media on their smartphone within 22 seconds of opening their eyes!

The Smartphone is King and Queen

More than half of respondents are spending 26% of their marketing budget on mobile and 30% are spending 50% of their budgets on mobile… But… it turns out, that they don’t really don’t know what they are doing with it! …The vast majority are going to spend the same or more or much more in the coming year.

There is still a big gap between the marketing teams and the engineering teams and them not working in concert with each other.

Marketing people are really great at Dynamic, Fast, Quick Thinking, Creative stuff.

Engineers are much better at planning and step by step and doing things in the right order.

Should we have marketing technologists, in the first place?

Should the CMO have more IT budget than the CIO or CTO?

We should make sure that marketing and engineering are working closer with each other.

Bring Agile project management methodologies into the marketing team.

That 5-minute change is actually a 2-week job!

2017 there is this trend… that might help … Artificial intelligence!

We are developing tools, that can actually do high waste, menial task marketing faster than human beings can.

Technology can run itself and report on itself.

AI powered tools can help marketers do the things that they love best

We are coming up with a brand new class of software, brand new class of marketing technology that is helping to do things faster and better than humans can.

Mobile HAS to be part of every single thing that you do.

This is the year of artificial intelligence

Some people say that I am artificially intelligent myself.


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