Being BOLD: Creativity, Fitness and Strong Coffee

A Conversation with Adam Von Rothfelder: LISTEN NOW

This show is BOLD, its Strong, its a little about coffee a little about fitness, but more than anything its about a hard work and hustle and the REAL story of Adam Von Rothfelder. Former MMA fighter, NBC STRONG Trainer, Versace model and now CEO of Strong Coffee Company.

Adam has trained his share of entrepreneurial legends in the area of fitness, been a driving force behind the personal brands of countless fighters and brands that they had gone on to represent. He is BOLD, and a force of nature that encapsulates mind, body and hustle.

If you want to learn how to succeed in life and in business you have to listen to this guy, but you have to be ready to work hard.

Enjoy 🙂

Website: Strong Coffee Company: Do Something Bold
Twitter: @vonrothfelder
Instagram: @vonrothfelder

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He is the co-founder of calls him remarkably innovative. IBM says he is one of the industry's brightest minds, and SAP refers to him as one of the industry's top players. Branden has been quoted by and CDW and his company was recognized for being one of the top 5 most innovative companies by SBBC.