Brilliantly Easy Influencer Marketing Concepts to Implement Today

A Conversation with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing

Lee is not only a GREAT GUY with an inspiring presence but he is also a Beardie who likes to keep things fun – checkout: Marketers with Beards

When it comes to Influencer Marketing Lee is simply one of the BEST! If you want answers he’s the one to ask and we do just that on this podcast.

A Conversation with Lee Odden, Quotes from the cast

“The Reality is that EVERYONE is Influential.”
– Lee Odden

“The Notion of Influence as an instigator that drives an interested customer to a purchase is not limited to large companies… it’s universal.”
– Lee Odden

“Develop initiatives that partner with those influencers in ways that create mutual value.”
– Lee Odden

“Find something that you have in common … and find reasons to collaborate in some kind of way.”
– Lee Odden

Influencers and Events: “If the brand is smart about it, they are going to create opportunities as part of that experience where content is the result.”
– Lee Odden

“My very focused, attitude and perspective about Influencer marketing is that it must involve relationships and content.”
– Lee Odden

“Your Customers, employees; Can be influencers for you!”
– Lee Odden

“Influence is Everywhere!”
– Lee Odden

“When aligned, the collective power of your group, whether it’s two or fifty, is far more powerful than the sum of those individuals.”
– Lee Odden

“The better you know your customers, the more empowered you are going to be.”
– Lee Odden

3 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself:
1. Who are our key influencers?
2. Who are our advocates?
3. Do we have any, if we did who would we put on our list as our most desirable?

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