Ridiculously Useful Tips For Building Community

If your looking for keys to building a successful online community, one that will help not only stimulate the business growth, but be the foundation of your business and essentially recession proofing it, you need to listen to Anand Kishore, Founder & CEO of Aspireiq He talks in detail about the ins and outs of building a successful online community.

We cover specific steps to take and highlighting success stories of others who have developed amazing Influencer and affiliate programs for continued success.

He goes into specific details that have been deployed by large business and startups to not only gain momentum but ultimately disrupt the business sectors in which they reside. If you run an eCommerce business, this is a show you cannot miss. Its all about leveraging the power of the people who as Anand calls it “Orbit your Brand”.

This is certainly a show not to be missed.

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He is the co-founder of calls him remarkably innovative. IBM says he is one of the industry's brightest minds, and SAP refers to him as one of the industry's top players. Branden has been quoted by and CDW and his company was recognized for being one of the top 5 most innovative companies by SBBC.