Creating Iconic Customer Experiences: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Content and Commerce

A Conversation with Soeren Stamer

Today I had the privilege to speak with TedX speaker Soeren Stamer, head ninja, top strategist, main innovation engine, and chief optimist of CoreMedia (aka CEO).

After listening to Soeren speak at NRF I knew I needed to have him on our show. I could not have been more right! This show is an absolute hit, coving amazing topics all in some way relating back to Content. BUT not from a standard content marketing approach but rather a much deeper dissection of content and how Soeren sees it transforming eCommerce and the natural blend of commerce and content for iconic user experiences. Afterall, the day you blend all these together is the day your site becomes an amazing success.

Listen now to this ninja bring some very deep and well-presented thoughts that you cannot afford to miss!

Show Quotes:

If you want to sell something you need to create great experiences

Great experiences usually have great content in them.

Content has to be deeply structured

The reason commerce platforms fail is that they somehow don’t get the content part right.

The deep integration of content, with transactions and context, that is where you are able to create unique experiences.

The iconic brands … they need to be unique, they need to do something that is out of the ordinary.

The drive to be unique, to be iconic will put a lot of pressure on this part (Content) of this business.

Every brand every organization needs to have some strategic content platform … it may be as important or more important then the transactional platform

I hardly find anyone who doesn’t perceive the world as being out of wack in a way, it’s speeding up, everything happens so fast.

There is a drive to standardize more, to do the same thing but cheaper… and that’s normal because you want to be unique as a brand but you also want to be efficient at what you do.

Everything happens faster, everything speeds up.

All these things that happen quickly, there still are waves you can ride, and it might be indeed important that you can, and you will not be able to do that if you are stuck in an inflexible platform.

You need to be able to innovate by having an open platform where you can basically be the guy or be the team that can make the difference.

A lot of the things that are against agility are just the mental models we have.

You have to have local autonomy to make a decision but you also have this alignment of all the people, and again, content helps a lot with that.

People now want to engage, they want to be part of the process and part of the end product.

Being this vulnerable, the minute you open up with something that is not perfect can be a powerful thing.

Even the information that doesn’t seem positive can be good for you.

That’s the future we are heading, content plays a much bigger role in commerce.

Tying all these things together, All these ways to create wonderful experiences but also to link the transaction to it.

What works with luxury, is something we will see in all the other verticals as well, they are just the first to realize.

The reality of it is that no one really needs the product of one company, it is about the experience.

It’s a good thing to keep at it, when you do one thing really well you learn a lot by digging deeper and getting better at that, it’s not a 5-minute sprint that happens there.

Business is pretty easy, there is only one rule, if you run out of cash you lose, otherwise, a lot of things are possible.

I think we live in a world where unconventional strategies, doing the opposite of what everyone else does, is often good advice.


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