Customization in eCommerce is a Key to Success

How to set yourself apart and leverage existing traffic? One of the keys is to leverage customization in ecommerce!

My clients often come to me asking how can I leverage my existing traffic for increased sales?

If they haven’t asked this question, our conversation typically ends up here.

There are 5 key variables, and not one simple formula, BUT, I do of course have some ideas. You can hear about these in this the podcast, Customization is the key to eCommerce Success.

If properly leveraged, like NIKE.COM or Then you can set yourself apart from your competition while leveraging sales to existing customers and increasing return visitors.

The single easiest person to sell to is one you’ve already sold too, the next best way to capture a sale online is through the provision of experiential shopping. Both can be captured when you unleash customization!

I hope you find value, have an awesome day,


P.S. If you need help sorting out how you could bring something custom to your online store, make sure you reach out and book a call with my NOW! I can walk you through my process and help you establish a plan for success!

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