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Discover how an ecommerce coach can help optimize the performance of your ecommerce website … So you can focus on what you do well to build a successful business online.

Did you know you can to grow your ecommerce business the right way, with less mistakes by hiring an ecommerce coach, mentor or consultant. Someone that knows the technological aspects and solutions you need to scale, grow and stay ahead in a competitive market space.

Avoid the Zuckerberg effect and hire the right ecommerce resource for your business today. Did you know that now more than ever non-technical CEO’s are starting ecommerce businesses. (Secret… Ecommerce businesses are tech companies!) You need not have a sophisticated level of tech knowledge but you need to have that knowledge in your back pocket.

Do you ever wonder why your results are not as you planned or anticipated?

Here’s the secret … From my time as a futurist with IBM, thought leader for SAP and in the trenches as an ecommerce entrepreneur and countless clients … I have studied the reasons that ecommerce businesses are failing or struggling to grow. I have interviewed hundreds of business owners, solution providers and experts and isolated 5 specific reasons why all ecommerce businesses fail. These reasons are rapidly escalated when there is a technical gap at the top of the chain (*Hint – One of the 5 reasons)!

If you ignore these 5 factors and don’t start to concentrate on these areas on your ecommerce site, you will continue to find yourself with stagnated growth, higher than needed overhead, reduced cash flow, or worse!

The biggest questions on my clients minds range from … how can I be the best ecommerce company in our industry, how can I free up my time to work on my business not in it, how can I start turning a profit, how can I quit my day job…

Many clients come to me frustrated, and beyond annoyed because they have hired people that have over promised and under delivered, have implemented all the best practices or don’t know where or how to start with making the change needed to take control of their business and see the returns that they believe they should be seeing.

I’ve been finding technical solutions for businesses specifically those in retail and ecommerce for more years than I care to count, truthfully it makes me feel old in an otherwise youthful industry. That said, I have been where you are, I have studied best practices to implement, tried and failed nearly as many times as I have had success, but through it all I have identified some rock solid methods that tear down any roadblocks preventing successful marketing efforts.

As I eluded to previously, I have identified something called the Zuckerberg Effect. It’s the increased growth of ecommere businesses that are owned and operated by non-technical individuals. Everyday there are hundreds of startups in SaaS or ecommerce space, and when you look at the number of SaaS startups that have a non technical person at the helm vs those in the ecommerce space there is a significant difference. I refer to this phenomenon as the Zuckerberg Effect. Zuckerberg started Facebook not as a developer but as a psychology major, BUT most importantly he had a strong enough technical understanding and people around him with the development skills needed to build the company into what it is today.

If you want to run an ecommerce business you are technically (Pardon the pun) starting a technology based business so you need to at the minimum understand the geek speak surrounding everything from platforms, integrations and/or site optimizations, this is where a coach or consultant depending on your needs proves highly beneficial to success.

It took me 24 years, countless attempts and a lot of fails to finally dig deep and identify 5 specific reasons that ecommerce sites fail, and how you can fly among the stars instead of limping along. I want to share my 20+ years expertise with you.

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