Extraordinary Crowdfunding Strategies For REAL Success

If you have ever wondered how you could use crowdfunding in your ecommerce business?

This show was about so much more but the detailed insights about crowdfunding specifically in ecommerce put this show on my top favorites list! During my interview with Colin McIntosh, CEO/Founder Sheets and Giggles. I had the intended to have an entirely different conversation, but it certainly took off in a totally different direction. About 10 minutes into the call Colin started talking about crowdfunding at such a deep level with such profound knowledge, I had to shut up and listen to the infinite wisdom. (Well as much as I can shut up that is!)

It was at this point I knew we had some superb content that every eCommerce entrepreneur needed to listen to.

I have spoken with others in the crowdfunding sector in the past but it wasn’t until this call that I realized the enormous power that this strategy can have in building a successful business. Success meaning sustainability and growth not a one hit wonder sort of approach. If I took the time to note all the valuable insights in this podcast I could have the greatest crowdfunding guide for anyone in eCommerce, instead you will have to listen to this cast to gleam these insights. (For now anyways).

When you talk about building a sustainable eCommerce business, one only needs to take a look at the horrible churn rates of Shopify to know that the success rates of building a sustainable business online are not good. So lets start with the right platform and the right strategic methodologies. Lets start by listening to this show.

Thanks again to Colin McIntosh for dropping all his knowledge about crowdfunding eCommerce businesses.

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