Why All Marketers Love Me

Do you know the digital marketers secret weapon to ecommerce success?

People often confuse me as a marketing guy. I am not! And the podcast title itself may sound a little pretentious. That said, I try to be a fairly humble person, which in the business of sales can be difficult. When I refer to the business of sales, I refer to the business of selling yourself or your product, in my case it’s me I’m selling so if you can imagine, being humble while at the same time selling yourself can be difficult. But as with everything, it’s about balance and honesty.

That said, “Why all marketers love me” I to be more exact, it’s more in the way of Why all digital marketers love me, and those who simply want to see better results from their marketing and ad campaigns.

I focus on the numbers, analytical data and best practices in ecommerce to identify critical areas for improvement in your ecommerce business. This is so that your existing traffic can convert better, increase the number of transactions without increasing traffic, boosting the average order value, and other key metrics used by successful ecommerce businesses. (Don’t forget there is the added value of optimizing through integrations as well to decrease costs which also affect the bottom line, but that’s where the operations guys love me ;).

You’re going to learn a little about why marketers are finding great value in calling me BEFORE they higher expensive ad agencies, or launch ad campaigns.

I am the digital marketer’s secret weapon when it comes to ecommerce.

Just have a listen and make sure you take the time to hit that BOOK NOW button to schedule a call with me so I can show you how I can help you out.

About Branden Moskwa

He is the co-founder of calls him remarkably innovative. IBM says he is one of the industry's brightest minds, and SAP refers to him as one of the industry's top players. Branden has been quoted by and CDW and his company was recognized for being one of the top 5 most innovative companies by SBBC.