What Does “Charlie Hustle” Know About Ecommerce

What does Hustle have to do with ecommerce?

My answer is simple: EVERYTHING!

This is a word that has been in my vocabulary for so many years, well before it became a hashtag in social media, and potentially one of the overused words of the year, a few years back.

I have always believed that in order to succeed in anything you need to hustle. To me this means grinding hard, being willing to roll up your sleeves and jump right in and do whatever it takes to succeed.

One of my all time favorite baseball players, yes he comes with controversy is Pete Rose, good old “Charlie Hustle”. If you research back to even earlier days of baseball you find one of the most hated men in the game at the time, “The Georgia Peach” Ty Cobb. He was not liked because of his grit on the baseball diamond, known for sliding with his cleats high so as to intimidate his opposition.

He, as with Pete Rose, both had the skills to back up their often rough and tough nature, but it’s in that grit, in that never quit attitude that you perhaps find the success that they did.

Many in the game of ecommerce come and go, as many get drafted every year, and don’t make the big leagues? I don’t have the numbers on that, but I certainly can tell you, that without hustle, these days, you will be squashed by the competition in the ecommerce game. You need to have the people there to support you and help guide your decisions, strategies and all the ins and outs of your ecommerce business. Especially the tech and marketing knowledge, but more than anything you need hustle.

Tune in to this amazing show today where I talk more about one of my favorite words in the english dictionary.

And get out there and hustle hard.

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