Ecommerce Platforms: What You Need For Success

If you’re not on an open-source platform … you could be losing clients left and right!

Without an open source solution, you’re likely to be overly reliant on someone else!

Not sure what I mean by open source, let me make it simple, if you’re on Shopify, your site could be sucking more than a Dyson Vacuum, and you don’t even know it! (If you’re married to this platform, don’t worry, I can help)

You’re likely to be limiting your opportunities for growth as well as your developer pool.

That’s exactly what my podcast on ecommerce platforms discusses and helps you with!

After years of trial and error, sourcing countless developers and interviewing best selling authors one thing remains true:

Instant gratification, a deluge of data and limited quality resources are a challenge to us all.

With this in mind there are 5 dangerous trends in ecommerce and leading this trend is the movement towards platforms like Wix, Shopify and GoDaddy.

I have been studying these trends and speaking of them at various conferences, you can of course here about all these trends by joining this webinar or of course hear more on my podcast dedicated specifically to this trend: eCommerce Platforms – Why your absolute disruption in ecommerce demands an open-source platform!


If you’re looking for assistance with optimizing your site for success, EVEN IF YOUR ON SHOPIFY! I have a formula that leverages these 5 trends, and can help!

It’s proven and I use it over and over again to ensure my clients have highly optimized sites.

Click here and let’s hop on a quick call so you stop guessing and start executing.

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