8 eCommerce questions answered – Lightning Round 1

Today we start answering eCommerce questions YOU wanted the answer to in a new format called the Lightning Round. Life as we know it can certainly use more fun, so what we did today is go with a lightning round approach. 8 ecommerce questions answered in 8 minutes. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts, and if you want to ask questions for the next version of the Lightning Round use #eCommerceLightning on Twitter and @bmoskwa.

Has the droppshipping ecommerce model become oversaturated and too competitive for newbies?

I don’t believe so, I don’t think anything is too competitive, it may be too competitive for newbies, if they are not prepared to work hard and learn, also they need to know that it will take a while to take off. You also have to find your niche. For more information on droppshipping, checkout either of these podcasts for ways to compete in this space. How to drop ship high ticket products | Expert dropshipping advice how to dominate in ecommerce

Where can I find an eCOmmerce website development company who can provide me with a website for SW & electronic gadgets?

This question is flawed, you should be asking people for recommendations on eCommerce website development companies, because that way you hear from those that have done what you want to do, not those providing the service. Oh, by the way thats what we do, so I have to answer this with we are the best in the business, so call us! Lastly, The Software and electronic gadgets business is very competitive so you need to make sure you narrow down your niche in order to complete, in this space.

In business, has your boss ever tried to fire you, only to be fired by their boss instead?

No, but I have been fired, just like most successful entrepreneurs.

What is the best Magento app builder in the USA?

If your looking for Magento extension providers, you should consider looking outside the USA, as the best in this space in my opinion seem to be i nthe european market. If its a custom app or extension you need built you need look no further than our site, as we can certainly help you with this.

How do I launch a multi-vendor, e-Commerce website?

Multi-vendor sites add alot of complexity and can be very difficult to run, if you find your niche. The first thing you need to do is ensure its built properly, but assuming it is built already you are going to need your vendors in place and a good marketing plan. That said, if it not built yet, give us a call we have built many multi-vendor platforms.

Which is the best tool to measure customers behavior for my e-commerce website?

Great question, I say this because I couldnt tell you the exact answer on this. That said, we use google analytics and fullstory. This one gives you visuals so you can actually watch the users sessions and behaviour on your site. These are two that we use, there may be better, but they work easily and deploy easily.

Which is the top best E-commerce platform for creating online store?

My answer as always is going to be Magento, my second choice would be WooCommerce, and this is because these are opensource platforms that will allow you to grow and customize as you need to.

What are the benefits of using Shopify compared to other similar platforms?

Cost, this is probably the biggest one, when your talking about simialr platforms I am assuming you are talking about hosted, SaaS based platforms. The next runner up would be BigCommerce, but Shopify is certainly the leader in this space, that said, I personally never recommend Shopify because I am a big fan of OpenSource, however, if you want to talk about thier benefits, that would simply be COST. They can get the startups up and running quickly, you just have to be careful because I do not believe it is a platform your going to want to be on for the longterm.

So there you have it 8 ecommerce questions answered, in 8 minutes by our expert, Branden Moskwa. If you have questions you want featured on the show, drop us an email or post it on Twitter with #eCommerceLightning.

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