eCommerce Reaches Olfactory Receptors & Its Not New Technology

A Conversation with Cindy-Dassinger-Vasilas, Owner of Scented Studio

I always love meeting entrepreneurs who branch out into the creation of a new product idea or concept, it takes real strength, determination, and positivity and as you listen to Cindy you will hear this in all the words she speaks throughout the cast. She is an inspiration to retailers, and to all of us who would think it impossible to sell “Scents” online without some sort of new smell-o-vision type of technology. She found a way to sell the experience online and is doing just that selling perhaps the most difficult thing to sell online, not only something that is tactile from the touch and feel perspective but also and even more so from something that touches the olfactory receptors (Yeah I said it, and honestly not even sure that’s the correct usage but, whatever, its to get the point across that its not an easy online sell and she is making it happen every day!

Show Quotes:
I believe that you are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with.

You have got to get yourself an incredibly strong motivating team.

By far this is probably the most difficult business to be able to sell online, because its more of an experience and its so specialized individually.

Coming to the eCommerce side and having a website to be able to sell an experience has been difficult, but we have overcome it.

Open up lines of communication where people can feel the need to order and have a place where they feel safe to do so.

One particular scent can instantly bring you back to that exact moment and time, and that is why scent branding has been so popular.

The idea had grown into a small business, then we thought, we have got to get this online, that’s just where everyone’s moving to!

We knew that online was going to be the only place for us to really grow.

There is never really a no, its just not right now.

Keep focused, if its in your heart or in your mind, you know, if there is a will there is a way, it may not be the easiest route, you may fail, you may not succeed but that does not mean that you should stop pursuing your dreams.

If your starting a new concept, prepare yourself for a good 4- 6 years before you can really make a path for yourself.

Make sure you are always staying in line with your clientele and customers

Make sure you get out in eCommerce, its super important

Make sure that 100% of your service and your idea is focused on making people happy

Bonding with your customer, making sure they are at the forefront.

Stay in touch with those customers that have been your loyal customers from the get go.

Everyone is focused on getting new customers… but its the people who have supported you in small business from the get go.

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Website: Our senses are a key factor in how we uniquely view, adapt and thrive in the world around us.
Instagram: #yourscentyourway
Facebook: Scented Studio
Twitter: @ScentedStudio

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