eCommerce Referral Programs How To Make Yours Better

A Conversation with Jay Gibb, Founder/CEO of CloudSponge

The power of a referral. Forget about abandoned carts, onsite persuasive sales techniques just for a minute and ask yourself this. “Am I taking full advantage of the sales I have gotten by asking them to refer a friend?” If the answer is yes, AWESOME listen to today’s podcast to pick up on some additional tips and tricks to making this process as simple for your customers as possible. If the answer is No, well thanks for being honest, but you need to listen to today’s cast and take action to get some level of eCommerce Referral Program in place ASAP. Really this can be as simple as adding an option to the thank you page encouraging people to refer a friend, much like it is done on Amazon, or as complex as you desire. Its really a sales tactic as old as time itself, I distinctly remember this being a common tactic for people selling knives or vacuums door to door, and why, well it opens more doors when you can say something like, Hi there your best bud Donald said that you may be interested in this product and here’s a special discount just for you. So if summer students selling door to door back in the day could do this to put themselves through college, think about what it could do for your eCommerce business.

Today we talk to Jay Gibb, the Founder, and CEO of CloudSponge, a company which sells software to eCommerce companies focused on growing sales through referral programs.


Links from the Cast:
Website: Tap Into the Power of Address Books
LinkedIn: Jay Gibb
Twitter: @circuitfive
Twitter: @CloudSponge

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