eCommerce & Retail: Do you keep them separated?

A Conversation with Nicole Reyhle, Founder of & Author of Retail 101.

All too often we feel the need to separate eCommerce from Retail, or use overly complex terminologies like Omni-Channel, Multi-Channel and others to join the two. Today we talk to Nicole from retail minded about small business, entrepreneurship, and the division between Retail and eCommerce.

If you’re looking for an honest, easy going, refreshing take on the state of retail and the natural or un-natural blend between retail and eCommerce, this is the cast for YOU!

A Conversation with Nicole Reyhle, quotes from the cast:

“Community comes to life through retail.”

“Running a store is more than just a job its a lifestyle.”

“Retails Dieing, and I Don’t agree with that!”

“Retail clearly has so many dynamic details to it.”

“Consumer spending reflects so much more than just consumer habits.”

“Consumer retails collectively is changing”

“You need to find a niche within a passion”

“Knowing how and when I need to lean on someone else has been a huge advantage for my business.”

“Recognizing my weaknesses as well as my strengths has allowed me to save time over the years.”

“Consumers are online as part of their omnichannel shopping experience.”

“Consider what risks you may be holding yourself back from and consider taking it yourself.”

“Take a cue from younger generations, they are not afraid to take risks.”
– Jasmine Glasheen


Links from the Cast:
Twitter: @RetailMinded
Instagram: @RetailMindedWorld
RetailMinded: a retail lifestyle publication

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