3 Things Too Many Online Sellers Ignore

Backend Operations & the Components that too many online sellers ignore.

In today’s show we talk about the three areas found within the back end operations that TOO MANY ONLINE SELLERS IGNORE!
These three areas can be broken down into Customer Service in eCommerce, eCommerce Supply Chain (Specifically Fulfillment) and Accounting.

Customer Service in Ecommerce

The impersonal experience in eCommerce is one of the things that is revolutionizing the eCommerce Customer Service, done so with personalized experiences. The technology used to delight the customers can be invaluable towards the scaling of your business. Focusing on technologies that will allow for improved conversion rates as opposed to simply driving more traffic, tech that focuses on increasing sales volumes through better experience and specifically customer service. Through the use of customer eCommerce Development Integrations with things like chatbots, CRM systems and automated email responses.

Ecommerce Supply Chain

So the next question is do you happen to have the proper eCommerce supply chain in place, specifically to handle increased sales. You NEED to ensure that you not only can fulfill the orders, but is your technology solutions in place to meet and fulfill the needs of your customers. Make sure that your back end eCommerce systems are built and integrated with your supply chain requirements so that you can truly fulfill the orders in a reasonable time frame. For example, I placed an order in Europe that arrived faster last week then orders I place on Amazon. That is one powerful eCommerce supply chain infrastructure they have in place and a model for success for every growing business.

eCommerce Accounting Issues

Spreadsheets are the way of the past! There are fantastic platforms out there that make things so easy to manage the day to day operations of your business. The best part in my opinion about these technologies is that you can easily integrate with a multitude of eCommerce platforms. Custom eCommerce Development will allow you to easily integrate these solutions into your ecosystem making your overall eCommerce solution a powerful competitive advantage.

We cover all this in so much more detail on todays show, so tune in NOW!

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