Do You Want Complete World Dominance? Try These Cross-Border Strategies

A Conversation with Whitney Blankenship, Director of International Content at Ecommerce Nation, metalhead, expat and cat lover!

If your Online store could expand sales to reach 7 Billion people would you do it?

Whitney Blankenship, a true eCommerce Allstar, joins us today to shed light on the keys to successful eCommerce practices on the international stage. WHY and HOW every eCommerce entrepreneur needs to be thinking globally as opposed to limiting themselves to local markets.


A Conversation with Whitney Blankenship, quotes from the cast:

“Why would you target 300 million when you could contact 7 billion.”

“You could sell to anybody in the world.”

“A lot of people are scared off when selling internationally.”

“The fact that you have so much market potential … completely mitigates any sort of risk you would be taking by selling internationally.”

“Reach 28 countries in 3 days, that’s a huge competitive advantage.”

“There is so much happening in the eCommerce community, it feels as if its hard to keep up sometimes.”

“The number one thing people should do when they are trying to sell internationally is to understand your target market and understand how to specifically localize their business so that they are responding to that market.”

4 Requirements for Localizing Your Online Store:
1. You need to know what the store needs to look.
2. It needs to adapt to their currency.
3. It needs to respond to their needs as a consumer.
4. You need to localize your language.

“Google translate is not going to cut it!”

“The EU is a whole nother beast … but you can reach 28 countries in one fell swoop.”

“Something we always advocate is having a localized person, someone who is really familiar with the market, and its not just for optimizing your site, it’s not just for making sure your UX is perfect for that market, or that your marketing supports are great, it’s also for understanding how that country works in terms of commerce.”

“If you want to be a marathon runner your not going to do it by playing video games an hour a day.”

“If you want to be a successful eCommerce entrepreneur you’ve got to put the time into it!”

“We live in such a beautiful age where the entirety and vast of knowledge is in your pocket, you’de be crazy not to utilize it.”

“You’ve got to read it, you’ve got to put the time into it and you’ve got to figure out your strategy.”

“If there is any soundbite you can take from anything its, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!”

3 step approach to content marketing:
1. You need to know that audience, and you need to know what they need.
2. Once you know what they need, provide extra value to them.
3. Once you do that, you can Build their trust.

“You’re playing the long game when you’re doing content marketing.”

“The content you create around your brand, around your product can be the defining factor in what sets you apart.”

“You’ve got to know how to work the different channels”

“You don’t have to have a facebook page, that’s a MYTH!”

“Know your target and having someone on the inside … is your ace in the hole, its everything you need.”

“Don’t be afraid; Don’t be afraid to dive into new things, try new things and experience new opportunities.”

“There is an entire world out there an entire industry that is growing and changing at the speed of light and you would be crazy not to get in on it!”


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