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A Conversation with Richard Morcom – Director of yoyakka

Richard Morcom, Director, and co-founder of
I met up with Rick whilst he was preparing for a conference and wraps up the week with the beta launch of Exciting times, to say the least, this Brisbane based bootstrapped startup is about to make a significant mark on the Australian service sector.

Richard Morcom Quotes – You can Quit or You can Pivot the choice is yours!

“In a typical week, I would spend less than 38 hrs at home.”

“We grew weary of search engine shuffle – surfing sites and dealing with the age old problem of inconsistency and a flat user experience – with 99.9% having no ability to book or pay online.”

“yoyakka is about – Helping everyone do better business”

“we are about eCommerce, innovation, and consumer collaboration”

“we want to ‘uberize’ the entire service industry by presenting businesses as-a-service to the world.”

“ is a marketplace for consumers who are searching for pre-qualified services”

“ is a marketplace for the consumer who wants an inspired user experience and space to share their NEEDS.”

“Our biggest challenge … being a bootstrap startup I would have to say living within our means and learning how to PIVOT – A LOT.”

“When you are driven and an obstacle presents itself you have two options – QUIT (it sound ridiculous but it’s simple, just quit and the problem will goes away – probably not realistic if it’s your first obstacle but believe me at obstacle 100 or 500 it becomes a real viable option.”


“BE pragmatic every day … it’s great to dream and dreaming really helps with setting long-term strategies … but how our dreams come true requires constant alignment with the realities of life and running a startup, so we learned very quickly how to PIVOT and be pragmatic.”

“Do your due diligence, if you have a great idea it’s worth spending time up front doing research.”

“Startup’s need to have three key concrete definitions established before they begin, Purpose, Vision, and Mission.”

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