Stop worrying about starting an eCommerce business Use this Formula

A Conversation with Cyndi Zlotow

Entrepreneur, Self-starter and eBay Power Seller and Coach. She was quite an inspirational interview. The true story of a BORN entrepreneur who was always looking for something to sell as a kid, then when she needed to stay home, she found a way! An AMAZING way to do it!

15 Cyndi Zlotow Quotes – Just run towards it

“I’ve always been an Entrepreneur, I’m one of those people, I think you’re Born with it.”

“Anywhere we can buy something low and sell for more we are in!”

“It takes a special kind of Stubborn to be an entrepreneur” – requote

“No matter what the world says I’m going to do this, I’m going to make my own way, I’m going to find my on way, I’m going to do things differently and it’s going to work.”

“I see it, and I just want to run towards it!”

“It’s still so rare to be successful in eCommerce, to the point where it is your soul source of income”.

“eBay is a great gateway … to get in and make some money towards on your end goal, whatever business is is that you want to create at the end of the day.”

“That’s where my husband is so great, I can have the dream and he helps create the plan.”

“I will pay someone who knows how to do it …then I can spend my time doing what I am good at”

“Knowing where to put your time is huge.”

“As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to think why should I pay someone when I can do it… at some point NEED to think, where is my time most valuable. I spend my time where I can get the most ROI on it!”

“There comes a time, where you have to let some things go to let better things happen.”

“You can dream a new dream, you can make a new plan.

“You don’t need to take one defined path, you can go right today and left tomorrow.”

“Don’t overlook eBay as a way to start!”

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