Use these Tips to increase online multi-channel sales

What is Multi-channel sales and why its important.

In eCommerce is often important to test the waters of various sales channels. When you consider using the various marketplaces to grow sales outside of just those generated on your site, if done correctly can you can become a multi-channel sales machine. You can take a wholistic approach whereby growing your business so that each of these sales channels are essentially helping to grow your online stores overall profits.

Tom Curren, An old school business guy is making it happen in eCommerce! Being in the bike business for over 47 years he has seen it all, and he comes on our show to tell us what he has learned in this time and how he is making use of multiple distribution channels to take his businesses to the next level. He has successfully grown his sales from 30 to 300 orders every month, most of which is because of his use of multi-channel sales.

6 Tom Curran Quotes – It’s Amazing, the sales that are going on!

“The Key is getting someone who is actually smarter than you and knows the ins and outs of it!”

“I went from getting maybe 30 orders to 300 in a month, and that’s a lot to manage manually!”

“It’s AMAZING, the sales that are going on in that area (eBay).”

“eCommerce is growing in the bicycle industry.”

“They are all selling direct to consumer now.”

“My biggest mistake was that I tried to do google ads without really understanding the program… and I went through close to $1000 in one day… with no return.”

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