The Shocking Truths about web security are you ready?

A Conversation with Thom Raef, Web Security Expert

Thom Raef, Simply obsessed with security for all!
A great conversation about the current state of website security, machine learning, and a simple cloud-based solution EVERY entrepreneur needs to know about in order to protect your eCommerce websites from hackers.

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15 Thom Raef Quotes – “hackers want us off the net in a bad way!”

“The Key is getting someone who is actually smarter than you and knows the ins and outs of it!”

“We have accumulated the infectious code from more than 2.4 million websites.”

“Hackers are changing their code and malicious attempts all the time.”

“(Hackers) You will always be a step or two behind, we wanted a solution that would not have this problem.”

“We ward off a little over 20,000 attacks a day alone.”

“Because of what we do, hackers want us off the net in a bad way.”

“They are attacking Dr offices in Florida! How did they pick that?!”

“Brute Force is by far the most popular attack we see.”

“Hackers know, and they have automated ways of testing everything that they do!”

“We have removed malware from websites, where people have 3 or 4 security plugins already installed before the site was already infected.”

“Once the hackers are in, what they do is disable the plugins in one way or another. Either they inject code in them, or they just log-in and turn them off.”

“They can’t hide from us!”

“The very strategy you are using to make it as safe as possible is actually being used as a door to your website.”

“The fewer extensions and plugins you use the safer your site will be.”

“Most people won’t get security until they have to have it!”

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