Solid Strategies to Bring Your Product to Market

A Conversation with Terry Duperon – Commerce Influencer

Terry Duperon – Retail Influencer & Partner with GoodFat.Bar
Terry is an IBM Futurist, owner of Retail Pro Sales, GoodPeopleGoods and partner with theGoodFat.Bar company. His insights into retail distribution both from traditional commerce and eCommerce perspective are packed with knowledge and real inspiration.


Terry Duperon Quotes from the cast

“The wrong situation can put you out of business”

“Get your products into the RIGHT sales channels”

“They can literally put themselves out of business if they don’t have the cashflow to support the retailers’ terms”

“Get the right help!”

“Depending on resources choose one sales channel and focus there, build that up and be patient”

“Sometimes if you can roll with good enough and grow into your next level a good way to go.”

“I think Walmart is going to be the next major marketplace for people”

“Don’t give up on yourself!”

On Cognitive: “Ultimately, we are going to be able to service the customers better”

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