Everything You Need To Know About 5star Reviews

A Conversation with Brian Greenberg, Author and Successful eCommerce Entrepreneur

I have always been telling clients and listeners of my podcast of the importance of reviews. Beit in a testimonial form, a video, or anywhere in between. Reviews are the currency of the future, they are as powerful as word-of-mouth if not greater, they add social proof and a means for people to further research the business and the product which the review was being conducted. If you had a compilation of 5star reviews and stacked up against your competitor who had none, or even simply 3.9 stars which do you think would win out. Today we speak with Brian Greenberg who managed to collect over 10,000 5star reviews and get him to share his tactics to getting and leveraging these reviews for your success in eCommerce.

These simple tactics create the all-important Social Proof, which is one of the key ingredients for generating trust and of course sales in eCommerce, so have a listen and let me know what you think.


Links from the Cast:
Free Audiobook Download: The Salesman Doesn’t Sell
Website: Sell Less. Earn More. Grow Faster.
LinkedIn: Brian Greenberg
Twitter: @greenbergbrian

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