Finding Products People Need & How To Make Them Better

A Conversation with Mike Zagare, Amazon Seller and Founder of PPC Entourage

Finding what people need and how to make it better is the topic of conversation for today as we talk about not just making money on Amazon but making a profit.

It used to be reasonably easy to sell on Amazon, or so they tell me, but today you need (As with every business) a way to stand out and be different. You need to be able to find out what people want, what they are searching for and then improve on this.

Mike joins us today to talk about his experiences of escaping the daily grind and turning a 40-thousand dollar a month side hustle into a $400-thousand dollar a month legit business. Yes, I just said nearly half a million dollars in sales a month on AMAZON! It can still be done and this all started with a cat litter mat. I wish I had listened to this podcast years ago when I had my cat tracking litter throughout my office.

Yes, I did share my office with my Cats litterbox, but things have changed! And if you listen to this podcast today they might start to change for you too.


Links from the Cast:
Website: Easiest and fastest way to generate more profits with Amazon sponsored Ads
Facebook: Mike Zagare

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