Finding Technology Solutions to Supercharge eCommerce Profits

A conversation with Linda Bustos, Director of Merchant Strategy with Workarea Commerce

Have you struggled with choosing the right technology for your eCommerce business? Ever wondered how to choose the right platform in this very convoluted landscape of eCommerce technology? While this podcast is not going to give you a hard and fast answer it will help equip you with the tools you need to navigate this often overly complicated world. Linda Bustos, is one of the best in the field and has been navigating these waters with amazing success. You can see more of what she is up to in her upcoming book eCommerce Illustrated, but take a listen NOW to the wealth of knowledge she drops on us in today’s podcast.

If nothing else, you NEED to skip to 24:53 for her phenomenal words of wisdom!

Show Notes:

“Without knowing some of the nuances of the platforms you can be a sheep among wolves.”

“Whats really important is to understand what you need before going and shopping around and looking at the available technology.”

“Frame it up as use cases.”

“Map out everything you want it to do, then stack rank it by these are the mission-critical things…”

“Platforms don’t last forever, it’s kind of like an iPhone that way, eventually your going to trade up.”

“Not only can you do it today, but that it will kind of future-proof itself in that you can continue to innovate and continue to evolve your user experience and your platform itself without innovating yourself into a corner.”

“Total cost of ownership is something you have got to be aware of.”

“The fine print, with enough people and enough development resources you can make code do almost anything, but that over time can be really really expensive.”

“Yeah Totally, we are not in 1999 anymore where eCommerce storefronts were just a bunch of boxes.”

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