The Ultimate Checkout and Cart Abandonment Template

The Ultimate Checkout and Cart Abandonment Template

Try this FREE cart abandonment template and watch sales sore!

With cart and checkout abandonment rate, in my humble opinion, WAY TO HIGH! We have to find ways to limit it. When all else fails, you need to have measures in place to reachout to these people that have left your site. First and foremost you need to have been able to capture an email address, with the advances in technology there are multiple ways to do this, some of which I cover in various checkout related podcasts like this one, so make sure you head over and have a listen.

Regardless of how you legally obtain the email address, I have included a PDF document you can download for FREE, well in exchange for your email address ;).

It includes a step by step approach from what to include in your abandonment emails from subjects headings to when to send them.

I would encourage you to take these and make them your own, insert your own copy that sells your products like nobody else (YOU). And play around with this cart abandonment template. Remember this is only a template, so you need to plan to adapt and improve it so that you are winning back cart abandonment like a boss!

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