How to be Successful with eCommerce Affiliate Programs

A Conversation with Todd Weitzman, Founder of

For MANY years, I wanted to be successful in the affiliate marketing game. During college, I dabbled a little and did well enough to cover some of my collegiate expenses, but never really committed to it in quite the right way to make it a success. Part of my problem was that I always wanted to re-invent the wheel and do things my own way, which in today’s world of affiliate marketing MAY work, but certainly did not back in the day when Affiliate marketing was just starting to take off and Affiliate programs were more ridged and strick.

Anyhow… I wanted to talk to Todd Weitzman because he has been involved in affiliate marketing from many different aspects for many years, from starting affiliate programs to working under the hood at affiliate companies and brokering affiliate deals for major players in the industry. I was very interested in what Todd had to say about affiliate marketing for one very important reason, I think its a secret sauce for eCommerce companies around the globe.

Growth Hacking expert Vin Clancy was on my show he went on to say that affiliates should be given as much as you can stomach. And for a very good reason, they are essentially a commission based sales force that is driving not only traffic to your site but SALES. The cost of this is so minimal to the store owner that if you are able and willing to compensate people for referring you that traffic becomes that much more a part of your sales strategy and in turn a powerful contributing arm to your sales arsenal. Everyone knows the value of a referral as opposed to a random lead. Let’s dive in and hear more about the ins and outs of the affiliate world from a true pro in Todd Weitzman, founder of, and true affiliate guru.


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