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A Conversation with Stephen Monaco, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Today I spoke with Stephen Monaco, one really bright guy who knows Marketing Strategies and Business better than most. He considers himself a bit of an introvert, and in today’s society with BIG PERSONALITIES as the face of online digital marketing, it’s rather refreshing to talk to Stephen.

Internationally recognized as a digital marketing pioneer for being one of the first to engage consumers directly via online communities in 1987! Only 2 years after Marty McFly took the Delorean Back to the Future, Stephen was already in a future of his own, six years before the web browser was invented.

Show Notes:

“Be the Voice of the Customer”

“If you understand what people in the market want, then you understand the market”

“Co-creation… really that’s new! We were doing that back in 87!”

“Give the people what they want!”

“Fill the Need!”

“I’m just a guy who puts my jeans on one leg at a time, I’ve been blessed with opportunities.”

“Cancel an internal meeting and just meet with a customer!”

“What do they value, if you know what someone values you can really craft an offer around that.”

“You might not like hearing what people have to say, but if the market is being honest you should be keenly interested in what people have to say.”

“Not wanting feedback from the market is kind of an ostrich with its head in the ground mentality.”

“Get in touch with the market and validate that, or if your ego will allow you, let the market invalidate it.”

“That’s marketing at its core, give the people what they want, find a hole and fill it.”

“Who says there’s a market for Chinese baseballs!”

“Those people in the top levels of sales and marketing should be in lock step with one another.”

“A solo-preneur tapping into the tremendous power of Watson, that is really cool!”

“Keep Learning, Keep evolving, keep adapting!”

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