How To Boost Conversion Rates With Payment Options

A Conversation with David Diamond, Director of Colourblocker and Founder of Zumi

If I told my 4-year old that today I had a podcast where we talked about Fintech and how it can help CRO, he would go Huh!? Most people in the world would for that matter, not to mention that it would probably make most people skip this podcast and move right on to the next! That wouldn’t be your first mistake but it would certainly be a BIG ONE! It’s a less than glamorous topic payment options, buy now pay later, interest-free payment options or your myriad of things related but guess what, they can prove very beneficial when it comes to your conversion rates.

I am often a fan of looking back at what has aided sales in things like catalogs or infomercials (one of my favorite mediums), and you have to realize they make the bulk of their sales because of one simple thing PAYMENT OPTIONS! Yes, there is a lot at work when you look at a good infomercial campaign, countdown tickers, out of stock monitors, reviews from raving fans and product demos, but one of the often missed and forgotten tricks in my opinion anyway is that of the payment option. Today David Diamond who has been marinating in eCommerce for some time now tantalizes our taste buds with an amazing discussion about payment options.

It is certainly worth the listen.


Links from the Cast:
Website: Colourblocker – YOU SELL. WE SHIP.
Website: Zumi – Own it now, pay later.
LinkedIn: Dave Diamond

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