How To Compete In A Competitive eCommerce Market

LISTEN NOW: A Conversation with Avel Ureno

When you want to know how to compete in a competitive eCommerce market look no further than Avel Ureno and his founding partner. This is an awesome story of two guys who started out hustling $1 items at local swap meets and now compete with the energizer bunny. I was about to say that they realized that batteries were there best seller and took off with it, Avel likes to say that “Batteries chose them!”. They now manufacture batteries stateside, in a very competitive market space, but what I LOVE is that the all-out hustle and their ability to differentiate themselves through niche offerings have really set apart! They successfully bought out a supplier for pennies on the dollar, and have some very different and interesting insights into sourcing products out of China. So listen today if you want to learn how to play with the Energizer bunny and make money doing it!

Its a fun discussion about some very serious eCommerce strategies that all eCommerce business owners should take the time to listen to.


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LinkedIn: Avel Ureno
Twitter: @BIAFgreen
Twitter: @BatteryMan

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