How To Create Value Packed Content That Your Customer Actually Wants

A conversation with Kaleigh Moore, Freelance writer in SaaS & eCommerce

Ever wonder why you feel like your spending time and money on content that’s just not working? Or simply where to start to create content that will speak directly to the heart of your customer. Today we speak with Kaleigh Moore, and she shares some amazingly valuable and actionable insights to help you get your content marketing on the right track. From figuring out what your customer acutally wants to read, to injecting personal stories into everything you do, this show is simply AWESOME!!

Show Quotes:
Poll the audience and really ask them what it is they want from you as a company

You cant truly know what your audience whats to read from you, unless you ask them

Give them a voice and opportunity to share with you

Sometimes its just good to pick up the phone and call

Taking the steps to get the right feedback, writing it down, and then looking for the patterns and trends, that’s kind of the 1,2,3 of getting this process started.

Look for common language and even the terms that people are using

What kind of personal stories can you incorporate?

Sharing the good and the bad, I think that’s a really genuine and sincere way to connect with the audience

Whenever there is some sort of story tied in, its just more interesting

Let’s only publish really great stuff, rather than trying to publish a lot of quantity over quality

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Website: Writing value-packed blog content for SaaS and eCommerce companies
Twitter: @Kaleighf

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