How To Exploit Your Flaws For Amazing Customer Experiences

A Conversation with Stan Phelps TEDx speaker, author and IBM Futurist

In perhaps one of the most quotable shows we have done we talk to Stan Phelps about the strengths found in your weaknesses. How to emphasize your uniqueness or weirdness and how to expose your flaws to stand out in the crowd. Pink Goldfish is the 6th book in his series and perhaps one of the most upside-down business books out there. Stan focuses his day to day efforts on customer experience and educating people on how to not only standout and be different but how to do so in such a way that your customers will generate new customers. If you’re looking for some of the best tips for marketing and customer experience and learning how the two are really one in the same, this is something you need to listen to today.

Show Quotes:
“Born at a very young age”
– Stan Phelps

“I just knew there had to be a better way and that I was part of the problem”
– Stan Phelps

“There is one word, that comes from New Orleans, that exemplifies this idea of doing the little things that can make the biggest difference, and its a creole word called LAGNIAPPE”
– Stan Phelps

“The great companies not only got it for the customer, but they also got it even more so for their own employees.”
– Stan Phelps

“What do you do for your best customers and your best employees”
– Stan Phelps

“80% of profitability is generated by just 20% of the customers.”
– Stan Phelps

“Purpose is on its way to become the ultimate differentiator in business”
– Stan Phelps

“How do you leverage what makes you unique and dare I say flawed or weak?”
– Stan Phelps

“How do you actually do more of what makes you different or weird?”
– Stan Phelps

“How do you purposefully do less than what the competition does?”
– Stan Phelps

“How do you continuously do less to stand out in a crowded marketplace”
– Stan Phelps

“Its a concept we call FLAWSOME”
– Stan Phelps

“Flaunting… We want you to be brave, to actually turn up the volume on what makes you unique, or weird, or weak.”
– Stan Phelps

“Antagonizing… We want you to essentially decide who you’re for, and we want you to go out of your way … we’re actually going to poke our finger in the eye of those we are not for.”
– Stan Phelps

“Withholding… Instead of matching what everyone else does, we want to challenge you to say maybe you should do less, and by doing less you can standout!”
– Stan Phelps

“Opposing… There are always some brave brands that go exactly in the opposing and opposite direction.”- Stan Phelps

“Micro Weirding can be just little small touches, it can be little things that you do to enhance the customer experience that communicate those little differences.”- Stan Phelps

“It’s not enough to tell people you’re different.”- Stan Phelps

“Peter Drucker said, ‘The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.'” – Stan Phelps

“The value of those two customers (paid vs referred) … isn’t even close! That referred customer is 4 times more valuable to the business over their lifetime.” – Stan Phelps

“So if you’re not doing stuff to give people a reason to talk about you to tweet about you and to post to Facebook about you your not going to stand out in the sea of sameness.” – Stan Phelps

“It is so difficult now to get peoples attention and to acquire customers is downright expensive.” – Stan Phelps

“Create an experience that is so differentiated that those customers will bring you the customers you actually want.” – Stan Phelps

“The first step is being aware of what makes you different.” – Stan Phelps

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Twitter: @StanPhelpsPG

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