How to Fire your Developer or Development Firm

Have you ever worried about what could happen if you fire your developer or development firm.

It can feel like a divorse where feelings may get hurt. If they hold the keys to the kingdom, which they typically do in the world of ecommerce it can be even more daunting. My first recommendation is to make sure you have someone else in place before you make this critical decision.

A lot of my clients make a statement to me that sounds a little like this:
“But, my last hire is obviously not working out, so how do I get the right person(s) onboard to make sure I am not in this situation again?”

I can make it a little easier for you. Listen to this podcast on how to hire an ecommerce developer, and you will be at least moving in the right direction.

That said, the point of todays show is to focus on the next step, how to fire your developer, so have a listen to this podcast: How to know when its time to drop dead weight and fire your developer! It provides a number of steps needed to follow to ensure that you maintain control over everything from the process of letting them go to ensuring maximum level security remains a priority on your site.


PS. If you are still concerned after listening to these podcasts, reach out to me and I can help take care of all these steps for you. Book a call with me NOW!

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