How To Improve Your Revenues with Abandoned Carts

A Conversation with Dave Rodenbaugh

Today we discuss a topic we have covered here before, but it’s for good reason. YOUR STILL NOT DOING IT! That’s right, if your still not taking advantage of the low hanging fruit commonly referred to as abandoned carts, then you MUST listen and take action on today’s podcast!

Take 1 hour, use a few templates to set up a simple marketing campaign by way of communicating with clients who have abandoned their cart and that’s it. I mean there is more to it, but if you simply did this, you could see as much 10% uplift in revenues. As an hourly rate that would be phenomenal so its time to get off your seats and take action, and this podcast lays it out for you!

Show Quotes:
The ones who ignore it are the ones who really sorta shock and surprise me! – Dave Rodenbaugh

You can get a 10 -20% revenue lift on your store just by capturing abandoned carts and trying to market to them. – Dave Rodenbaugh

Abandoned carts are one of easiest, the most profitable and most important things that you can end up doing on your site. – Dave Rodenbaugh

You have to grab that attention and bring them back – Dave Rodenbaugh

With abandoned carts, you don’t have to think about it quite as hard, so honestly, I don’t know what you would get a higher ROI on – Dave Rodenbaugh

The thing that makes your abandoned cart campaign effective is just following up, MULTIPLE TIMES, not just once. – Dave Rodenbaugh

You have to keep reminding them and up the ante every time. – Dave Rodenbaugh

The RPC Method: Remind, Persuade & Close. – Dave Rodenbaugh

If you haven’t seen them come back, then you want to give them a little more incentive to kinda push them off of the fence at that point. – Dave Rodenbaugh

Email is obviously a great way to engage with your users, but obviously using facebook as well makes a lot of sense. – Dave Rodenbaugh

If you push the message too fast on one channel, too frequently or its just off … all that’s going to do is create anger and resentment. – Dave Rodenbaugh

Don’t be creepy and be respectful. – Dave Rodenbaugh

Reducing friction in your checkout will truly reduce your abandoned carts – Dave Rodenbaugh

Get the bare minimum and get them out the door quickly. – Dave Rodenbaugh

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Website: Automated Abandoned Cart Recovery for Magento & Shopify
Twitter: @daverodenbaugh

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