How to leverage integrations in ecommerce success

Today’s podcast is all about integrations in ecommerce and how you can leverage these integrations for success.

Oracle has referred to me as one of the Industry’s Top Players. So, when they put together The Executive’s Handbook to Modern Digital Commerce they reached out to ask my thoughts about beating the innovation curve, using integrations to innovate, and AI and Machine Learning.

These were some of my thoughts:

“With a rapidly changing and ever-evolving technology landscape, it is imperative to stay one step ahead.”

“The answer to leveraging quick wins is as simple as one word: INTEGRATION”

“The trick simply lies in discovering what quick wins will provide the best value and integrating these into the existing infrastructure.”

You can find more of my thoughts in on pages 56-58, or even better listen to this amazing podcast.

Integrations in ecommerce can be incredably powerful tools, use them wisely.


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