How to Protect Your Small Business From Online Threats

A Conversation with Chris Parker, Founder of

Today we deviate from eCommerce for a little bit to hear from a guy who built a business that generates over 6 million visitors a month, and generates just under 7 figures in revenue annually with no office, no employees and no inventory! Living the dream some may say. All that aside it was of course not without risk. Chris will talk to us about our online privacy, ransomware attacks, online habits you should adopt and other tips and tricks for not only protecting your personal data but preventing a catastrophic loss to your business.

Imagine for a moment if you suddenly lost everything, everything you worked hard to build up with your business for the past however many years and all your family photos etc. It’s hard to imagine if you haven’t really lost these things but it happens to people every day and really there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself. Oh, and hint, he’s actually not going to tell you to rush out and install antivirus software! Let’s have a listen to my conversation with Chris and see give arm yourself against that random risk of complete and catastrophic loss in your life.


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