How to Really Optimize your Conversion Rates

A Conversation with Jon Macdonald, Founder and President of

When you talk about conversion rate optimization its important to remember you can deploy overall best practices and/or you can deploy tactics based on the data. Just remember that your site is unique, so common best practices are great, but there is also unique data that can be utilized to further maximize your efforts. I am an avid fan of the science behind CRO, extrapolating and understanding this data is an art form but also a science that if done correctly can yield recurring returns.

It’s just an unfortunate thing that people don’t look at conversions like the science it is. Our organization focuses on the low hanging fruits, the items you need to do in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your existing traffic, but lets take it a step further and look at the data specific to our eCommerce stores as well as some essential items you can focus on to help raise that conversion rate. Today Jon Macdonald takes the time to break down for us what exactly Conversion Rate Optimization is, how he and his team work on specific areas and what areas these are to improve conversion rates for some of the industries elite.


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