How To Really Win In The Search Engine Battle

A Conversation with Anne Ahola Ward

So I have wanted to have a REAL SEO PRO on the show for some time. Why, because this industry in my mind has long been plagued by millions of people telling you that they can get you ranked number 1 for specific search terms.

I have been known for calling SEO the snake oil of the industry, there are real solutions to SEO, REAL answers to getting very positive rankings, and REAL tactics and strategies to deploy to keep your sites organic SEO results at the top and consistently generating results for you.

You need to find the right approach and the right people/person. That is why it has taken me over a year of podcasts to bring in an expert on the topic. A real expert whose opinion I not only respect but so too did O’Reilly Publications when they published her book The SEO Battlefield: Winning Strategies for Search Marketing Programs

This show is something you cannot miss, and it’s not only about SEO we do have a moment where we digress into the topic of BOTS, Cat Gifs and more!

Show Quotes:
“Pronunciations are a big deal in the tech industry because its how we suss out who knows what they are talking about.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“Keywords are … one of the great big I’de say misunderstood pieces of SEO” – Anne Ahola Ward

“Its really shifted from … harvesting those people who are coming to us vs finding new people.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“In the last few years, SEO has really been about technical performance.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“It really comes down to, at this point, technical performance and understanding what users want and giving it to them in such a way that they understand.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“Study your users’ behavior to a degree that is really unprecedented.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“There’s no forever in search.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“There is tracking for just about everything that happens online.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“If you ignore your users the Search Engines will ignore you.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“Their power comes from the information we give them, and that is often in the form of search.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“I think bots are here to stay in terms of customer service.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“I don’t really generally love it when I have a bot that’s trying to help me when I am upset with an issue, sometimes you really want a human.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“I think its an interesting battle that’s being waged because its like man vs machine.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“I’m more of an emerging tech generalist than anything.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“It’s a very exciting time to be alive.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“Make sure that a companies web presence is as flawless as possible.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“You have to be measuring and you have to be experimenting.” – Anne Ahola Ward

“We’re so much past the idea of a single screen.” – Anne Ahola Ward

Pearson’s Law: That which you measure improves.
“I live and die by that rule” – Anne Ahola Ward

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