How to Start Gaining Valuable Insights Into Your Customers Today

A Conversation with Chris Dayley

Today we learn a lot about testing from a real expert, Chris Dayley. A pretty good show to represent our 50th!

Chris is a digital marketing entrepreneur, speaker, and neuromarketer who gets excited about helping businesses learn what their users want on their website, using psychology based testing and analytics. He started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion in 2014, which he later merged with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization.

So if you’re serious about making money and want to stop throwing it away, learn how to test to convert today!

Show Quotes:

We had increased our traffic almost 300% but conversions had not really increased at all!

What is it about this because it’s obviously not about whatever looks the best that gots people to convert!

What is it that gets people to convert, and it really is different on every site for every audience.

There are different things that will resonate with different people.

eCommerce is an interesting BEAST!

The concept of Personalization is fantastic … but what I found is a lot of companies try to personalize too much and what they end up with is a site that is overly complicated.

What happens if you remove certain sections from the homepage?

If you try too much to show too many things… what you end up doing is you end up distracting people.

It’s really important to find out ‘What should we be drawing attention to?’

What is our audience most likely to respond too?

What does our audience want to see and how can we deliver that to them in a way that they will respond well to it.

It’s not about assuming!

What image should we have on our homepage? Once you start testing images you have already assumed that you should have an image on the homepage!

The great thing about it is, you will get an answer no matter what!

Even if all your test variations fail, you still got an answer to your question.

When you learn, then you can constantly be improving.

A 10% lift is a reasonable number to expect from a test!

If your running smart tests… you should get better and better at testing over time.

Each test you create should be further and further honing in on what exactly your audience is looking for.

If you’re getting a bunch of traffic to your site and you’re not running tests on that traffic then you are missing valuable opportunities to learn

You could be learning something about your audience and could probably be increasing your conversion rates.

Not testing, for me, is like throwing money down the drain.

The most important thing about testing is just that you are doing it!


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