The Copy Comic on Using Humor To Write Copy That Converts

A Conversation with Lianna Patch, Founder of Punchline Conversion Copywriting & Copy Director at Snap Copy

I personally think its a lot more fun if you can “laugh all the way to the bank“, instead of hold your breath and pray that you have enough money for that coffee you so desperately need!

As her site suggests and I ask you now, is your copy killing your sales? I certainly hope not, but it stands to reason you could probably learn a thing or two from her and her quest to inject humor with the overall purpose of conversions aka sales!!

If you couldn’t care less about copy, then skip to around 20:45 in and listen to Lianna’s impression of a creepy retargeting ad, it’s enough to make anyone’s day!

Lianna Patch is a quick witted, cat loving, goddess of copy humor you need to listen to NOW!

Show Notes:

Baseline Rule: “Always consider what your reader needs to hear, and usually it’s about them first!”

“Align what you are selling with what they are looking for in a natural way.”

“I’m interested in how humor connects to different positive emotions.”

“My suspicion is that humor is going to work best in email.”

“Abandon cart emails, I love them so much and I am SHOCKED that every store is not using them!”

“90% of the product descriptions could be so much better…”

“Smaller brands are doing such a better job of personalized eCommerce email marketing than the big brands are.”

“There is a huge opportunity there to have a personality and make your store stand out!”

“What was going on in your life that brought you here today?”

“Never use the manufacturers’ product description!”

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