How to use Technology and Science for Improved eCommerce

A Conversation with Micah Brown, founder of
First off, I simply love the concept of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and all the technologies which work together within this space to make what I would consider a better world. I have spoken on previous shows about how I feel AI and Machine learning combined with Big Data will lead to things like the cure for cancer and other major breakthroughs in our lifetimes, and on today’s show we explore the inner workings of the mind & brain from a neuroscience perspective.

In my opinion, we are on the verge of some very significant innovations and exponential changes in the world of technology, and innovative organizations like that are out there creating solutions that bridge the gap of neuroscience, and technology. Essentially creating what I would call a super-platform capable of determining the right person, at the right time when they are feeling the right way to place a personalized advertisement in front of the individual to exponentially increase the potential for a converted sale. Yes, that was a mouthful but it’s really hard for me to say everything it can do without paraphrasing quotes below or getting to geek in my speak.

What I love most about this podcast was that we talked about everything from marketing and advertising to the point of singularity, and not only did we touch on philosophical ideas and ideals but also about how VERY close we are to seeing some of these become a very real place in our day to day lives.

Listen Now for an in-depth conversation all about how to use technology and science for improved eCommerce.

Show Quotes:

The best way to think about Centiment in terms of like a buzzwordy way is Brain powered advertising and marketing

Neuroscience and sentiment analysis used for advertising and marketing

The Google for feelings

Neurofocus groups at scale

As soon as you take it to advertising it’s one person imposing their will on the world

Its physical stimuli and digital stimuli

A hierarchical language tree … it’s literally a person deconstructed into language

When you combine those things you can understand any set of events in any environment

Affect the right people at the right place when they are feeling the right way.

Emotional understanding of the impact of words is very important and that’s what Centiment is about

Singularity is a collection of our behavioral data making its way into a mission-critical database one day, then decisions being made either without our knowledge or independently by machines

That’s almost at the center of the mission at Centiment as well, Introducing that level of humanity to machines in artificial intelligence environments, Advertising environments.

History has its eyes on you!

Every action we take today is being recorded in a way that has not happened in history before

We have these massive platforms which are direct lines to human thought

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