Hurry Up and Wait

Do you have a hurry up strategy?

I wouldn’t call this an ecommerce strategy per say, but certainly a way of thinking about your urge to hurry everything along. Its a little about risk mitigation and a whole lot about how you manage your decisiveness.

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Podcast Transcription:
I have used google assist recorder on my google pixel phone to transcribe and it did a fairly good job.

I’m excited to talk to you a little bit about being in a hurry and the mindset and strategy needed to master this. The reason I think of this topic is because I’m in a bit of a snowstorm, I apologize to you if you’re listening to (reading) this in the middle of summer thinking “snowstorm huh!?” I try and keep my content to evergreen.

It got me to thinking about being in a hurry and how this applies to the world of ecommerce and business in general. When you think about it, obviously I want to press and gas and get home but I obviously want to get home!

So by saving what might be five minutes off of a drive. I choose to drive a little safer. And so when you think about the world of ecommerce strategy this can always apply as well because a lot of the time people just like you might be in a hurry! it might be, in a hurry to get this new feature or function out there to the public on your site, you might be in a hurry to get some bug fixed thats been troubling your site for a while. Don’t get me wrong, they they need attention no matter what the situation might be. Yes, you need to hustle and hurry to get it done and that’s fantastic, but you also have to make sure that you take either proper risk mitigation and risk management into consideration. For example, you don’t want to just push out a new app or new plug-in out there, without considering the adverse effects. For example, you pushed to hard, now, “Great everything on the site is broken!” or the credit cards arnt working, or the list goes on from the BIG items that you find right away to smaller things that you dont catch until you have lost considerable dollars.

So that’s just an example of what happens if you press to hard to be in a hurry.

Now don’t get me wrong pressing to get it done, is vital, but with with the right steps in place to make sure that all all aspects are managed correctly. Make sure all your proper protocols are in place and you follow them and then you’re fine.

If you need help with these processes and protocols, book a call with me now.

When I work with ecommerce entrepreneurs in a consulting role, coaching role of any kind one of the outlying attributes I always seek is the ability to make a decisions quickly. OK, not necessary quickly but decisively, you need to be able to weigh the pros and cons make your decision decisively. If your like a lot of other ecommerce enterpreneurs out there you may suffer from the Zuckerberg Effect, which can limit this decisiveness.

Anyway you slice it, this decisiveness needs to be there, it’s just like a long drive home in a snowstorm.

I need to be very decisive in how I’m going to manage corners, icy patches and navigating it all safetly.

I hope you got some value out of my thoughts on that today, once again, thanks for joining and be sure to subscribe and engage with us on Facebook.

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