Are You An International eCommerce Superstar? Time to Start Today!

A conversation with Phil Leahy, Founder and CEO of RetailGlobal.

Phil Leahy is the Founder and CEO of and has successfully launched and built one of the largest eBay businesses retailing CDs & DVDs – achieving Australia’s #1 eBay seller for the highest volume of sales in all seller categories for a number of years. He then decided to launch a conference to help others who were tackling marketplaces and cross-border.

He has a deep passion for creating connections and hosting conferences has afforded him the luxury of bringing some of the most creative minds from around the world together to share their stories, and when they do, meaningful change happens.

Show Quotes:

“Marketplaces are the great drivers of growth”

“Build a connection point between yourself and customer”

“The little things make up the big things”


Links from the Cast:
Twitter: @PhilLeahy
LinkedIn: Connect on LinkedIn
Website: Retail Global USA
Website: Retail Global Australia

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